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MRI's Vertical Paddle Wheel for flocculation

MRI’s Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculators are custom built to meet the requirement for any application. With hundreds of installations worldwide, performance, reliability and longevity are at the forefront of MRI’s design. Using robust components and a complete stainless steel design, MRI’s Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculators will create optimal floc for years to come.

Vertical paddle wheel flocculators consist of a drive assembly containing a gear motor, stainless steel drive stand, shaft coupling, shaft collar, thrust bearing, and drive shaft, which connects to the fully stainless steel paddle wheel assembly below. Mounted to the floor is a custom-designed UHMW bearing that provides stabilization and is built for longevity. Vertical flocculators mount onto bridges or walkways above the basin, and if the need arises, MRI can provide custom-built bridges and walkways.

Key Features & Benefits of the Vertical Paddle Wheel

  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Easy maintenance of above water mechanical components
  • Few wear points reducing maintenance
  • VFD controlled for process optimization
  • NSF 61 listed and certified

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MRI's Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculator as featured at an installation
MRI's Vertical Paddle Wheel as featured at an installation

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