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Flow Management

MRI’s experience in settleable solids removal processes has led to the development of a complete family of baffles, troughs, trusses, supports, and flow diffusers — all geared to optimize flow management. When strategically placed in flocculators, clarifiers, and aerators, MRI baffles increase the control of flow distribution and treatment duration at various stages.

Made of all stainless steel, MRI’s plank baffles are superior to redwood, fiberglass, or concrete.

They offer the following benefits:

  • Are quicker and easier to install or reconfigure
  • Save natural resources and prevent possible chemical contamination
  • Can be installed or retrofitted in any basin to improve efficiency
  • May be slotted, ported or solid, depending on the application

Performance Advantages

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MRI baffles, helical flow diffusers, troughs, and trusses are:
  • NSF 61 listed and certified
  • Made of 304/316 stainless steel
  • Long lasting and easy to install
  • Equipped with a Rotating Bottom Plank that can be opened for easy basin cleaning
  • Suitable for use in seismic prone applications: the Rotating Plank can swing back and forth to protect baffles from water movement damage
  • Baffle planks are available up to 12 ft. long
MRI’s stainless steel and aluminum baffles offer a permanent solution for:
  • Aeration basins
  • Hydraulic flocculators
  • Flocculator staging baffles
  • Chlorine contact basins

Key Features Boost Clarifier Efficiency & Flow Management

MRI Serpentine Baffles MRI Ported Baffles MRI Inlet Diffuser
Port Helical Flow Diffusers

Patented design rapidly diffuses inlet velocities to prevent floc disruption. Flow entering the diffuser is gently split in half and exits in a spiraling motion at less than .5 FPS. Flow covers a 180° area at exit, further reducing velocity and ensuring even flow distribution.

Metal Weave Baffles

Corrosion resistant, metal weave stainless steel baffles are available in 304 or 316 material. These baffles are suitable for new or retrofit applications, and rectangular or circular basins. Exclusive metal weaving process allows fabrication of large, single sheet stainless steel baffles.

Distribution Baffles

Slotted or ported baffles help make flow more even and efficient to facilitate solids removal.

Flocculator Baffles

We offer a variety of baffles to meet your different needs:

  • Serpentine
  • Under/over or double under/over
  • Slotted or ported and directly lined up to control flow
MRI Inlet Infuser

The patented MRI Inlet Infuser is the most efficient, inexpensive method available to diffuse inlet velocities. Flow entering the Inlet Infuser is gently split in half and exits each end of the Inlet Infuser, which doubles the area of the inlet port. This results in the flow entering the basin with 75% less velocity. Velocity reduction is accomplished in a rotating motion, which does not damage floc structure.

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