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U/S Ultra Scraper Sludge Collector

The only reciprocating linear sludge scraper made in the USA, the MRI Ultra-Scraper™ Sludge Collector is equipped with a grid of low profile, stainless steel scraper blades that work beneath the sludge blanket. This floor-hugging action prevents re-suspension of settled solids and allows up to five times higher sludge transport velocities than chain and flight or other higher profile sludge collectors. The scraper moves back and forth as the hydraulic drive cylinder extends and extracts. This migrates the sludge solids to the end of the basin, where it is removed using sludge hoppers, a cross collector, or a suction mechanism.

MRI’s Ultra-Scraper Sludge Collector provides high-capacity collection and removal with four key components:

  • Pre-assembled racks of scraper blades, installed without field welding
  • Reliable drive unit operated with either hydraulic or electric power
  • Power pivot that transfers energy to sludge removal grid with minimal moving parts

  • Signature control system for easy adaptability for new construction and retrofit projects

Performance Advantages

Low profile operation and design outperforms high profile sludge collectors:

  • High sludge transport speeds range from 1 to 5 FPM
  • Sludge travels to either the end or center of the basin and is removed by the cross collector
  • Can be used for a variety of applications including potable water residuals; primary, secondary, or tertiary wastewater clarification; industrial product recovery; and remediation
  • High rate of solids removal enables intermittent operation and quick adaptation to changes in water quality
  • Low profile scraper blades do not re-suspend settled solids and allow higher sludge transport velocities
  • Cross-collector replaces multiple sumps with a single draw-off point
  • Short travel distance and simple blade design eliminate the maintenance difficulties found with circular rake collectors

Key Features Only from MRI’s Ultra-Scraper Sludge Collector

Factory fabrication eliminates field-cutting and welding. Pre-made components are bolted together onsite for quick installation, which minimizes down time and installation error.

Automated solids removal reduces down time during annual maintenance shutdowns.

Drive components, and controls are from top U.S. manufacturers including Rockwell International/Allen-Bradley, Baldor, and SEW Eurodrive.

Thrust and linkage components are designed to be structurally extra heavy-duty.

End-of-stroke sensors are permanently set to maintain adjustment — no underwater electronics to maintain.

Back and forth blade action within sludge layer promotes solids dewatering and sludge thickening.

Cross-braced grid allows layout around columns, while custom blade lengths fit uneven sidewalls and floors for successful retrofit of any basin.

Spare parts are locally sourced, readily available and stocked in Colorado.


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Features & Benefits

Reduced Maintenance

Pre-assembled and sized scraper sections
only need to be bolted together. No field welding is required, drastically reducing installation time and complications

Water drop

Heavy duty
MRI has looked at typical failure points of other scraper units and increased its durability for long lasting operation


MRI U/S Ultra-Scraper Sludge Collector featured at an installation
MRI U/S Ultra-Scraper Sludge Collection System featured at an installation
MRI U/S Ultra-Scraper Sludge Collection System
MRI U/S Ultra-Scraper Sludge Collector featured at an installation

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