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MRI Pilot Unit

MRI’s Pilot Systems help establish treatment process parameters offline whether using MRI treatment equipment or other brands. Once optimized, parameters can be scaled and deployed to the full system, resulting in consistent water quality and increased efficiency.

MRI’s water and wastewater pilot equipment range in size and can be configured to:

  • Establish process protocol and test multiple subjects
  • Test parameters for high-quality effluent
  • Replicate each treatment stage and optimize strategies
  • Acquire treatment data that is logged to MRI’s servers through IP or cellular connections (optional)

Plate Settler Pretreatment Sedimentation Pilot Systems

MRI Pretreatment Pilot Systems provide consistent feed water to multiple membrane pilot units so results can be compared accurately.

  • Small pretreatment package systems available for flows of 20 GPM and 110 GPM
  • Systems include chemical feed equipment, mixing, flocculation, plate settler sedimentation, sludge collection, and controls
  • Plate settler loading rates can be adjusted by isolating active plates of choice
  • Excellent for pretreatment of membrane pilot tests

Contact us to discuss how MRI Pilot Systems can help you optimize treatment strategies and reduce costs. 

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