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Vertical turbine flocculators

MRI's Vertical Turbine Flocculator / Mixers are known for their durable design and high efficiency. Providing value for the money is at the core of our ongoing R&D efforts. With more than 40 years of experience, MRI conducts continual research and development to:

  • Develop better and more cost-effective methods of mixing and manufacturing
  • Ensure the best possible combination of technology and price

Performance Advantages

Vertical turbine flocculators maintain excellence through:

  • Seven manufacturing plants worldwide
  • Research and development at each manufacturing plant
  • Onsite CFD analysis, laboratory and fluid handling facilities, and experienced research engineers to determine the optimal design for each application
  • Custom-designed controls
  • Ongoing research and advanced technology result in the most efficient and reliable product for specific applications

Flexible and efficient, MRI's Vertical Turbine Flocculators deliver a wide variable range and:

  • Provide high collision rates while using less energy
  • Have a unique drive on each paddle to allow more versatile mixer speeds and flow directions
  • Include a self-cleaning, low-G final hydraulic state

Key Features

MRI Inline Agitator MRI Vertical Turbine Flocculator / Mixer

Inline agitators

The inline agitator is an independent mixing system that offers its own drive and impeller assembly for controlled mixing at all times.

Twin hydrofoil impellers generate a high macro-shear and rapid mixing gradient across the line of flow to ensure good liquids-contact, irrespective of pipeline velocity.

Rapid Mixers

Extensive research determines best impeller design to guarantee best results.

A wide range of impeller technology and materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy® and titanium ensure best fit for your application.

Specialized coating materials such as soft natural rubbers, Halar® and the latest composite GRP/FRP technology ensure the most aggressive conditions are met at the most economic price.

The latest generation of high-efficiency hydrofoils reduce operating costs.

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Vertical turbine flocculators

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