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MRI Pilot Unit

There is no better way of ensuring a system can perform for your specific needs than to test treatability in lab and pilot studies. Our commitment to maximizing your ROI demands that testing studies and early identification of effective process solutions be conducted quickly and efficiently. Our approach is to work closely with each customer to identify, test, report and recommend solutions. MRI's engineers focus on development of new products, improvement of existing products, and application of existing products to new markets or uses. 

Experience, Reliability, Creativity, Know-How.

These are the qualities that have allowed Meurer Research to become an industry leader for more than four decades and why customers have come to trust MRI as their complete source for all settleable solids removal technologies. With hundreds of years of combined industry experience, count on MRI to continue its commitment to serving the industry’s needs, from labratory and pilot testing, to design, engineering, production, installation, and aftermarket services.

Comprehensive, Collaborative Designs for Municipal and Industrial Water Treatment

Beginning with our experienced in-house research and development engineers, MRI products are designed, further developed and tested using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), in-house test tanks and simulators. Project design can be customized to meet the facility’s specifications. Structural and hydraulic engineering are also available. Key personnel are involved with MRI’s research and development, and every project receives top-level attention.

MRI also has an analytical laboratory that is used for water/wastewater characterization and initial product sizing. Additional work carried out at the WRF includes product lifecycle testing, performance testing, jar testing, and prototype development and validation.

Looking for assistance with lab and pilot testing? We’re here to help.

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Laboratory testing with MRI's Water Research Facility
Jar testing by the Water Research Facility
MRI production facility
Water quality testing available through MRI's Water Research Facility