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MRI Plate Settlers featured at the largest stainless steel plate settler installation in the U.S.

Built on MRI's proven water treatment inclined plate settlers, the MRI Wastewater Inclined Plate Settlers enable primary, secondary and tertiary clarifiers to remove significantly more solids in a smaller footprint than conventional basins. The space-saving design yields up to four times more settling area in existing basins and allows a smaller basin footprint in new construction, thereby reducing treatment and construction costs while significantly lowering total suspended solids discharge.

With MRI Wastewater Inclined Plate Settlers installed, facilities produce more and higher quality clarified wastewater within the same footprint, yielding increased efficiency and cost savings.

Onsite studies show TSS discharge rates significantly lower, with clarifier rates averaging:

  • <10 mg/l for secondary
  • <1 mg/l for tertiary

Meurer Asia, the exclusive provider of MRI technology in Asia, first introduced the wastewater specific plate settler design to the Asian market in 2002 and has since proven performance in over 100 municipal and industrial applications throughout Asia and the U.S. 

Performance Advantages of MRI Wastewater Inclined Plate Settlers

Primary Clarifier Inclined Plate Removal Efficiencies

Suitable for new or retrofit, municipal or industrial applications. Advantages include:

  • Significantly higher TSS removal
  • Smaller basin footprint than open clarifiers
  • Increased treatment capacity
  • Cost-savings on space, land, construction, and clarification
  • Easy to maintain
  • No moving parts
  • 100% stainless steel fabrication for unsurpassed dependability
  • Customized sludge removal to meet demand in all clarification phases
  • High TSS removal in secondary basins may eliminate tertiary treatment and reduce filter costs
  • Optional covers for control of algae, odor and scum

Key Features Only from MRI’s Wastewater Inclined Plate Settlers

  • V-notched flow control deck provides even distribution, prevents clogging, and allows free-flow into large effluent troughs
  • Elevated water sprayers eliminate scum build up
  • Side inlet ports provide flow entry eight feet below water surface, keeping grease and floatables out
  • Low profile MRI Hoseless Cable-Vac™ Sludge Collector removes sludge end-to-end in secondary and tertiary basins; Primary basins use circular scraper or chain and flight

Explore MRI's Solutions for your Wastewater and Water Projects

With thousands of installations in operation, wastewater facility operators rely on MRI’s Inclined Plate Settlers for proven performance, elegantly simple appearance and easy maintenance.

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MRI Plate Settlers for Wastewater Treatment
MRI Plate Settlers for Wastewater Treatment featured at an installation

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