Tertiary Wastewater Treatment

Northern Denver Metro WWTP

Phosphorus Removal.

MRI high-capacity Inclined Plate Settlers installation in four tertiary basins at Metro Wastewater NTP.
MRI high-capacity Inclined Plate Settlers to be installed in four tertiary basins at Metro Wastewater NTP.

MRI’s Inclined Plate Settlers and Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculators will provide tertiary wastewater treatment in the four tertiary basins at the new, Colorado-based Metro Wastewater Northern Treatment Plant (NTP). Expected to become operational in 2016, the plant is one of the most advanced in the western United States.

Custom-built to the specifications of site engineering firm CH2M Hill, MRI Inclined Plate Settlers and Flocculators will remove phosphorus and provide high quality effluent that meets or exceeds the stringent standards needed to protect the South Platte River. Total design capacity is 51.4 MGD.

Chemical feed in the NTP’s tertiary phase is alum and a polymer, which in conjunction with MRI Flocculators, brings phosphorus out of solution and into floc formulation that settles and can be easily removed.

The NTP is an advanced wastewater treatment facility being constructed in Brighton, Colorado to support community growth in the northern Denver metropolitan region.

Snake River Wastewater Treatment Plant

Plate Settlers Remove Phosphorus.

Dillon Reservoir, Dillon Colorado
MRI high-capacity Inclined Plate Settlers achieve a 90 percent phosphorus removal to protect the quality and aesthetics at Dillon Reservoir.

Located at the confluence of Soda Creek and the Snake River Arm of Dillon Reservoir, the Snake River WWTP demands high quality effluent to prevent degradation of Dillon Reservoir’s water quality and visual aesthetics. MRI’s high-capacity Inclined Plate Settlers remove 90 percent of the phosphorus prior to filtration. This high level of phosphorus removal produces the high quality effluent required to protect the water quality and the environment.

The Snake River WWTP provides wastewater service to permanent residents and seasonal visitors in and around the Keystone Resort. Treatment facilities are required to produce an effluent quality in compliance with state and federal regulatory agency discharge limits. With MRI Plate Settlers in the tertiary treatment phase, the plant’s high quality effluent meets or exceeds regulations.

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