Tube Settlers

Influent flows through the basin and rises up through individual tubes. As flow travels up the tubes, solids settle on the tube surface. Clarified water is distributed into troughs to exit the basin. Sludge slides into the quiet zone beneath.

MRI Integrated Tube Settler Systems

Strong, Compact Structure
50% Smaller than Open Basin

MRI Tube Settlers have a patented support system that creates a
vertically compact structure, which ensures maximum clearance
for sludge removal equipment.

Constructed of high-strength stainless steel tubing, the members are welded
into a framework, which results in a durable, lightweight structure, weighing
a fraction of conventional steel beams.

Performance Advantages

MRI’s Tube Settlers ensure:

  • 50% smaller footprint than open basin
  • Support structure and troughs fabricated from stainless steel for long lasting durability
  • Flexible design ideal for retro-fitting
  • Increased solids removal
Tube Settlers Settling Distance
MRI 4′ inclined tube settlers increase solids removal by reducing the distance particles fall. Rather than falling several feet as in conventional clarifiers, particles fall four inches or less, providing quicker settling time.

Key Features Only from MRI Tube Settlers

Higher flow rates greatly reduce the size of new basin construction or allow existing basins to increase their design flow, without sacrificing effluent quality.

The patented integral support system is made from stainless steel tubing, which makes it lightweight and easy to install.

Effluent troughs, weirs, and brackets are also fabricated from stainless steel providing the ultimate in durability.

Custom-designed and — manufactured systems allow the MRI tube settler system to fit into almost any application.

All equipment is engineered and fabricated in the same facility assuring a quality product.

Increased settling surface and reduced vertical particle-falling distance provides greatly enhanced solids removal.

Extended filter run times and reduced chemical consumption increase cost-efficiency.

Green River Water Treatment Plant, Wyoming: Tube Settler modules were manufactured in 12 equal segments to fit a round basin with minimal field cutting. Basin area required to treat a given amount of flow. MRI 4' Tube Settlers (green) require less basin space, support structure, and installation time. Green River Treatment Plant Tube Settler Basin

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