Influent flows through the basin and rises between stainless steel inclined plate settlers. As flow travels up the plates, solids settle out onto the plate surface. The clarified water is evenly extracted through the flow control deck, and is distributed into troughs where it flows out of the basin. Sludge slides into the quiet zone beneath.

MRI High-Capacity Inclined Plate Settlers

Plate Settler System Provides Even
Distribution and Low Turbidities

MRI Inclined Plate Settlers are proven for decades to deliver the highest flow rate and solids removal available, providing unsurpassed clarifier function.

Featuring the unique, patented hydraulic Flow Control Deck, MRI distributes flow evenly across the entire system. The even distribution enables a consistent flow rate and low turbidity throughout the sedimentation process, producing high quality effluent with less than 1 NTU, meeting or exceeding regulations.

As a result, MRI Inclined Plate Settlers are recognized as the highest performing and most reliable system available.

Other key design features include laser-cut orifices, which guarantee that all points
of effluent removal are identical; and a rigid design that enables the Flow Control Deck
to support up to 250 pounds –strong enough to be walked on during installation and / or inspection.

Performance Advantages

Clarifier, plate settlers

Ultimate Clarifier Performance MRI’s Inclined Plate Settlers dramatically shorten the distance particles travel, greatly increasing the production of clarified water. Particles travel only a few inches, rather than several feet as in conventional clarifiers.

MRI’s patented Inclined Plate Settlers ensure:

  • Ease-of-installation and maintenance with the patented, walk-able Flow Control Deck
  • A 90% smaller footprint than open basin clarifiers
  • Flexible design, which enables retro-fitting of existing facilities
  • 100% Stainless Steel fabrication for unsurpassed dependability
  • NSF-61 approved specifications

Key Features Only From
MRI Inclined Plate Settlers

Hydraulic Flow Control Deck*, consists of stainless steel tubes with precise metering orifices at the top of each plate settler that extract flow evenly.

Flow is regulated across each plate settler as well as across the entire basin, providing more flow control and the most uniform distribution available.

Increases effective settling area by up to eight times greatly enhancing effectiveness and productivity. Facilities can treat more water without increasing basin size, resulting in far greater efficiency and cost-savings.

Easily adaptable components allow for a variety of installations.

All Stainless Steel fabrication, including plates, support beams, and effluent troughs for durability that lasts a lifetime.

Walking on plates. View the Video

Uniquely Designed for Easy Maintenance

Plate Settler Callout

Flow control orifices in the effluent tubes draw the flow up evenly across the entire plate width, utilizing the whole surface area for maximum settling efficiency.

Explore MRI’s Solution for Your Water or Wastewater Project.

With thousands of installations, water and wastewater facility operators rely on MRI’s Inclined Plate Settlers for proven performance, elegantly simple appearance, and easy maintenance.

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