Package Systems

Pilot testing allows discrete analysis of the effect of a treatment process on the plant’s specific water or wastewater conditions on a smaller scale.

MRI Pilot Systems

Predict Treatment Efficacy, Ensure
Consistent Quality

MRI’s Pilot Systems help establish treatment process
parameters off-line whether using MRI treatment equipment or other brands.
Once optimized, parameters can be scaled and deployed to the full system, resulting in consistent water quality and increased efficiency.

MRI’s water and wastewater pilot equipment range in size and can be configured to:

  • Establish process protocol and test multiple subjects
  • Test parameters for high-quality effluent
  • Replicate each treatment stage and optimize strategies
  • Acquire treatment data that is logged to MRI’s servers through IP or cellular connections (0ptional)

Key Features

Plate Settler Pretreatment Sedimentation Pilot Systems

MRI Pretreatment Pilot Systems provide consistent feed water to multiple membrane pilot units so results can be compared accurately.

  • Small pretreatment package systems available for flows of 5, 25, and 110 GPM
  • Excellent for pretreatment of membrane pilot tests
  • Systems include chemical feed equipment, mixing, flocculation, plate settler sedimentation, sludge collection and controls
  • Plate settler loading rates can be adjusted by isolating active plates of choice
Pilot Systems Diagram

Five GPM Time Machine (plate): MRI's Time Machine is the miniature system that enables maximum efficiency by helping operators replicate treatment processes and accurately foretell outcomes.

Pilot Systems

Membrane Bioreactor Pilot System

MeurerMBR Pilot Systems accept raw sewage and produce a crystal clear effluent with close to zero turbidity.

  • Units available with membrane areas of 108 ft2 (1k GPD), or 540 ft2 (5k GPD)
  • Suitable for industrial or municipal applications
  • Systems include anoxic, aeration, and filtration volumes and all needed pumps, blowers, instrumentation, and controls
  • Fluxes, SRT, HRT and re-circulation rates adjustable to obtain optimum performance

Pilot Systems Chart

Data Acquisition (optional)

MRI Pilot Systems are fully automated with a self-contained control system that allows Internet-based access via log-in through My MRI Pilot.

  • Operators can monitor, log, and trend key parameters for Plate Settler or MBR Pilot Systems
  • Data logged to servers at MRI’s facility can be acquired via IP or cellular connection, or data can be acquired through a web-based application.

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