Packaged Wastewater Treatment Systems

Screened influent enters anoxic basin and is recirculated between anoxic and aeration basins at four times the rate of inflow producing a high MLSS concentration, which shortens treatment time significantly. Flow enters submerged membranes for the filtration of activated sludge, bacteria and most viruses. Effluent suitable for recycling or non-potable reuse exits.

Meurer MBR Packaged Wastewater Treatment Systems

Energy Efficient MeurerMBR Package System
Delivers High Quality Effluent in Less Space

The MeurerMBR is California Title 22 Certified and is suitable for effluent recycling and non-potable reuse.

Benefits include energy-efficient operation, significantly higher effluent quality, optimal flux, and increased capacity — all in a footprint 30% smaller than conventional wastewater treatment.

MeurerMBR Packaged Wastwater Treatment Systems are available in flows ranging from 5,000 GPD to 50,000 GPD and are ideal for use when construction space and costs are constrained, including:

  • Rural settings
  • Low-volume treatment plants
  • Campgrounds
  • Mancamps
  • Industrial applications

Performance Advantages

Leveraging patented solutions backed by more than 35 years of reliability, MRI’s customized MeurerMBR Packaged Wastwater Treatment Systems offer long-lasting strength in a compact, built-to-specifications design. The system provides superior effluent quality while reducing the time and costs required for plant construction.

Performance advantages include:

  • MeurerMBR filtration rejects biomass, bacteria, and viruses, and is more resilient to shock-loading and variation in raw water quality.
  • Increased oxygen transfer speeds biodegradation
  • Recirculation at four times the inflow rate produces a high concentration of MLSS and significantly shortens treatment time
  • High-packing-density increases filtration capacity in a smaller footprint
  • Back-pulsable operation ensures cleaning ease
  • Effluent quality approved for recycling through Title 22 certification

Key Features Only from MBR Packaged Wastwater Treatment Systems

This plug-and-play, single-tank system contains all components needed to produce high-quality effluent, including screening, anoxic zone, and aeration zone with membrane cassettes and diffusers.

  • Inlet Pipe enables easy hook-up to on-site wastewater source.
  • Rotary Drum Screen removes solids as small as 2 mm and is in an enclosed housing to minimize odors.
  • Anoxic Basin fitted with an all stainless steel Vertical Turbine Rapid Mixer that requires less energy to operate and enables denitrification.
  • Aeration Diffuser delivers fine bubbles for more efficient oxygen transfer resulting in faster biodegradation and turbulent cross-flow to clean the membrane.
  • Recirculation Pump transfers influent between anoxic and aeration basins at four times the rate of inflow to speed biodegradation.
  • Activated Sludge Outlet Pipe connects directly to on-site sludge disposal system.
  • Permeate Pipe hooks up to existing lines to carry high quality effluent suitable for non-potable reuse or re-introduction into the environment.
  • Submerged Membrane Cassettes filter activated sludge bacteria and most viruses in a densely packed, modular cartridge that is easy to clean and maintain.

Considering 3-D modeling for your next project?

MRI uses Autodesk Inventor 3-D software to assure a perfect fit-up of all our components and help minimize interferences with surrounding plant systems during installation.

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