Package Systems

Package Systems combine MRI’s proven
flow control, clarification, and sludge
handling technologies into
a single tank system.

MRI Package Systems

High Quality Package Systems Designed
for a Range of Flows

MRI’s Package Systems incorporate all-stainless steel components proven in our large municipal clarifiers. Corrosion-resistant, tanks and components are available in flows ranging from less than 100 GPM to 1 MGD. MRI Package Systems are the perfect solution for:

  • Membrane pretreatment
  • Sand filter pre-clarification
  • Tertiary phosphorus removal
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Permit compliance
  • Other applications

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Key Features Only from MRI Package Systems

Package Systems consist of proven components manufactured by MRI, including:

  • Walkway
  • Controls
  • Sludge Thickener (optional)
  • MeurerMBR (optional or stand-alone)

Stainless Steel Tanks

Made of T-304 stainless steel, tanks are also available in T-316 or aluminum with complete structural calculations.

MRI Inlet Infuser
MRI Inlet Infuser
Paddle Flocculator Image
Paddle Flocculator

Four-stage Flocculators

Four-Stage Flocculators consist of variable speed horizontal Paddle Wheel Flocculators, operated by a single, high-efficiency drive unit. Options for three, two and single-stage flocculation are available.

Standard flocculator has a 20-minute detention time and is custom designed to provide a mixing G-value appropriate for your application.

MRI Inlet Infuser

Installed in one of MRI’s baffles, the The MRI Inlet Infuser* controls the flow from the flocculator to the settling area to ensure even distribution and eliminate floc shear.

MRI High Capacity Inclined Plate Settlers

MRI High-Capacity Inclined Plate Settlers* provide the highest effluent quality available from any plate settler. Easy maintenance and durability are provided through a completely accessible, robust, top deck.

No other lamella clarifier system supports a 250-pound concentrated load, and offers easy access without draining the basin.

MRI High-Capacity Inclinded Plate Settlers

Package Systems Diagram 1 Package Systems Diagram 2
MRI Hoseless Sludge Collector
MRI Hoseless Sludge Collector

MRI Hoseless Sludge Collector*

Equipped with a Reel-to-Reel Drive, the MRI Hoseless Sludge Collector* is specifically designed to operate under plate settlers and other low profile areas. The rigid telescoping pipe eliminates flexible hoses that can interfere with plate settler operation.

Ladder & Railed Walkway

Ladder and railed walkway allows easy operator access over the tank to maintain drive mechanisms.

MRI Control System
MRI Control System

MRI Control Systems

Prewired to Package System drives, MRI utilizes state-of-the-art AB components with PLC- based programming available for Ethernet integration to plant-wide SCADA systems.

Optional Sludge Thickener

The Sludge Thickener is an optional attachment for the Hoseless Sludge Collector. Consisting of an array of “pickets,” the Sludge Thickener can be run continuously and produce settled solids up to 2%.

Optional or Stand-Alone Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

The MeurerMBR is ideal for wastewater treatment in municipal or industrial applications. MBR modules are available in package systems including pre- or post-treatment stages for water reuse or intensive industrial applications, or as a stand-alone treatment system. Benefits include energy-efficient operation, significantly higher effluent quality, optimal flux, and increased capacity–all in a 50% smaller footprint than conventional systems.

Considering 3-D modeling for your next project?

MRI uses Autodesk Inventor 3-D software to assure a perfect fit-up of all our components and help minimize interferences with surrounding plant systems during installation.

Explore MRI’s Solution for Your Water or Wastewater Project.

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