Vertical Rapid Mixers

MRI’s Vertical Turbine Rapid Mixer produces an axial pattern and efficient flow for even disbursement of chemicals. Vertical turbines offer high speed while using less energy, and all stainless steel fabrication.

Vertical Rapid Mixer Provides High Efficiency

MRI/Mixtec Mixers: Preferred Worldwide
With Over 25,000 Installations

Manufactured since 1930, MRI/Mixtec Rapid Mixers are known for
their durable design and high efficiency.

Discover the advantages of fine tuning flocculation with MRI’s Flocculation System.

Providing ‘value for the money’ is at the core of our ongoing R&D efforts. With more than 75 years of experience, MRI/Mixtec conducts continual research and development to:

  • Develop better and more cost-effective methods of mixing and manufacturing
  • Ensure the best possible combination of technology and price
Fluid DynamicsAgitator

Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis is used to determine the optimal design for a treatment plant’s specific need.

MRI/Mixtec’s full range of in-line, agitator, and rapid-mix mixers are installed in thousands of municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities on six continents.

Performance Advantages

MRI/Mixtec Rapid Mixers maintain excellence through:

  • Seven manufacturing plants worldwide
  • Research and development at each manufacturing plant
  • On-site CFD analysis, laboratory and fluid handling facilities, and experienced research engineers to determine the optimal design for each application
  • Custom-designed controls
  • On-going research and advanced technology result in the most efficient and reliable product for specific applications

Key Features

In line agitators

The In-line agitator is an independent mixing system that offers its own drive and impeller assembly for controlled mixing at all times.

Twin hydrofoil impellers generate a high macro-shear and rapid mixing gradient across the line of flow to ensure good liquids-contact, irrespective of pipeline velocity

In-line agitator with drive and impeller assembly continuously controls mixing.

The MRI/Mixtec Rapid Mixer is designed to fit the plant's treatment parameters.

Mixer Diagram 1 Mixer Diagram 2

Rapid Mixers

Extensive research determines best impeller design to guarantee best results.

A wide range of impeller technology and materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, hasteloy and titanium, ensure best fit for your application.

Specialized coating materials such as soft natural rubbers, halar and the latest composite GRP/FRP technology ensure the most aggressive conditions are met at the most economic price.

The latest generation of high-efficiency hydrofoils reduces operating costs.

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