Move Into the Future with MRI

Now in its 37th year of operation, MRI has stepped into its next bold chapter, adding the most advanced metal fabrication technology to its manufacturing and moving to a new, larger facility.

The company’s expansion is the result of a strong and growing demand for MRI’s advanced, proprietary water and wastewater treatment equipment.

In celebration, MRI is debuting a new, blazing red company logo and look at ACE15. A complete re-fresh of the website will be completed this summer.

Increased Speed and Accuracy

MRI’s new manufacturing equipment includes high-precision laser cutting technology and a computer numerical controlled (CNC) pressbrake metal bending system.

The highly accurate machinery:
Increases the speed and accuracy of fabricating MRI’s stainless steel components.

Enables a wider select of parts to be made in-house, reducing production time and giving more control over quality, specifications and delivery.

Allows for precise fabrication of more complex components.

Innovation Is a Long-Standing Hallmark of MRI

In 1978, MRI set out on the path of innovation to solve complex water treatment challenges and deliver the highest quality effluent. Designing efficient, optimized solutions, the company accomplished more than 50 patents, 5,000 installations and noted achievements, such as:

Inclined Plate Settlers, with more than 300 stainless steel installations, including the largest in the U.S.

Hoseless Cable-Vac Sludge Collector, with more than 300 installations

Flocculation Systems, with more than 1,000 installed worldwide

Three billion GPD treated – everyday

Today, MRI’s already top-of-the-line water and wastewater treatment equipment is getting even better – produced with speed and finely tuned accuracy that can take the equipment’s design to an even higher standard.

Redefining the Cutting Edge

If you are passionate about precision, take a closer look at MRI.

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