Flocculation is the gentle mixing designed to accelerate the rate of particle collision, which causes the agglomeration of electrolytically destabilized colloidal particles into settleable sizes. MRI combines turbine, horizontal, and hydraulic flocculators for maximum pretreatment control.

MRI Flocculation Systems™ Introduce a New Era

Multi-Stage Flocculators Optimize

With increasingly stringent regulations and adoption of
membrane filtration, the pressure is on for all stages of
pretreatment — chemical feed, flocculation,
sedimentation, and filtration — to act in concert.

To read about the advantages of rapid mixing, visit MRI’s Rapid Mixers.

In response, Meurer Research, Inc. has developed MRI Flocculation Systems — integrating turbine, horizontal, and hydraulic flocculators into multi-stage systems with a self-cleaning hydraulic final stage, maximizing versatility and performance.

Performance Advantages

MRI’s innovative multi-stage flocculation system eliminates the trade-offs typically associated with G-value turbulence and delivers maximum control and efficiency every pretreatment stage. Only MRI’s multi-stage flocculators leverage the maximum G-value range — from 2,000 to 0.

MRI Flocculation Systems include:

Flocculator Diagram

Key Features of MRI’s Flocculators

MRI combines vertical, turbine, paddle wheel, or hydraulic flocculation to fine-tune flocculation.

Flocculator Callout
MRI Flocculation Systems use vertical turbine, horizontal paddle wheel, or hydraulic flocculation or a combination in the first three stages, allowing for a wide range of G-values. Basin configuration or preference can determine which device is best suited. The MRI Ultra-Scraper or Hoseless Cable-Vac removes settled solids from the hydraulic final stage.

Hydraulic Final Stage alleviates clarifier turbulence.

Employed in the final pre-sedimentation stage, MRI’s Hydraulic Final Stage:

  • Quiets turbulence and creates a buffer zone that offers new lows in G-values
  • Consumes zero energy and is low maintenance
  • Enables more aggressive mixing in the mechanical stages
  • Eliminates the need for high rpm’s in final pre-sedimentation stage
  • Is self-cleaning, utilizing a patented hinged bottom plank* to allow a scraper mounted to the MRI Sludge Collector to remove incidental sediment

Vertical Turbine Flocculators deliver a wide variable range.

Flexible and efficient, MRI’s Vertical Turbine Flocculators:

  • Provide high collision rates while using less energy
  • Have a unique drive on each paddle to allow more versatile mixer speeds and flow directions
  • Include a self-cleaning, low-G final hydraulic state

Horizontal Paddle Wheel Flocculators provide mid-range G-values.

MRI Paddle Wheel Flocculators provide consistent floc production in varying water conditions and temperatures. See all the benefits of the MRI Paddle Wheel Flocculator.

Special chemicals accommodate seasonal water conditions.

MRI partners with specialty chemical manufacturers to provide superior ability to accommodate seasonal changes in raw water conditions.

Hydraulic Flocculators Provide Low Energy Consumption and Simplicity

With considerable experience in baffle manufacturing, MRI designs hydraulic flocculators proven to use less energy than their mechanical counterparts, while operating with greater simplicity and flexibility.

To overcome the narrow range of flows of traditional hydraulic flocculators, MRI’s innovative model features a self-adjusting design that provides constant G-factors during fluctuating flow conditions, when desired.

MRI’s self-cleaning hydraulic flocculators use little energy and have no moving parts.
MRI’s self-cleaning hydraulic flocculators use little energy and have no moving parts.

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