Miramar Water Treatment Plant

Miramar WTP– Inclined Plate Settlers Solve Site Constraints

Plate Settler Installations

Miramar Water Treatment Plant

Largest in the U.S.

Miramar Installation
Of special note: Using a crane, the contractor installed all 32 plate packs for one basin in one day.

With startup completed in the summer of 2009 and a design flow of 220 MGD, the beautiful Miramar Water Treatment Plant in San Diego, CA is the largest stainless steel inclined plate settler installation in the United States.

MRI Inclined Plate Settlers were selected to solve significant treatment challenges and site constraints: The property was already fully utilized, yet the demand for treated water had increased, so additions had to be compact. To handle the demand, conventional basins without plate settlers would have been twelve times as large, required much greater land area, and cost millions more to build.

Compact Design Installed Quickly.

The installation is comprised of four basins, each with 8 rows of plate settlers, with 4 plate settler packs per row. Each basin handles 55 MGD and measures only 74′ wide x 110′ long.

Stainless steel paddle wheel flocculators are used upstream and sludge removal is performed by non-metallic Chain & Flight.

Richmond, VA Water Treatment Plant

Unique Design Expands Capacity.

Inclinded plate settlers and hoseless sludge collectors at the Richmond, VA Water Treatment Plant
MRI Hoseless Cable-Vac™ Sludge Collectors and Inclined Plate Settlers installed at Richmond, VA WTP.

One of the largest water producers in Virginia, the Richmond, VA WTP is installing MRI Inclined Plate Settlers and Hoseless Cable-Vac™ Sludge Collectors to replace aging equipment, improve effluent quality and enhance solids removal.

Situated along the James River, the 230-foot sedimentation basins are slightly curved and longer than typical. In addition, basin depths are five feet shallower than normal, limiting installation access. The unique shape and installation challenge required a highly customized design. MRI’s unique layout enables plant operators to run the sludge collectors at the front end of the basin more often where heavier and more solids settle.

Each of the four basins is being retrofitted with 3,150 Inclined Plate Settlers, nine Hoseless Cable-Vac™ Sludge Collectors, stainless steel walkways, and effluent troughs. Maximum peak flow for the four basins is 140 MGD. The new system has capacity to treat an additional 48 MGD for future expansion.

Phased Installation.

Slightly curved, 230-foot sedimentation basins required highly customized design.
Slightly curved, 230-foot sedimentation basins required highly customized design.

To enable the plant to continue treatment operations, installation is phased with the completion of one basin per year over a four year period. The first basin was completed in 2015 with installation of the final three basins to be completed by 2018.

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