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Rely on MRI for Sophisticated, Simple Solutions

Advanced Design for Municipal and Industrial Treatment Systems.

Meurer Research, Inc engineers and manufactures sophisticated products to solve complex issues facing water and wastewater treatment facilities worldwide.

Founded in 1978, MRI has over 50 patents, both foreign and domestic, and over 5,000 installations. The company offers a range of products geared to optimize water and wastewater treatment facilities. Some noted advancements include:

Experience, Reliability, Creativity, Know-How.

Located in Golden, Colorado, our 30,000 square foot facility was built specifically to manufacture and market MRI water and wastewater treatment products and to provide excellent after-market customer service.

Comprehensive, Collaborative Designs for Municipal and Industrial Water Treatment

Beginning with our experienced in-house research and development engineers, MRI products are designed, further developed and tested using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), in-house test tanks and simulators. Project design can be customized to meet the facility’s specifications. Structural and hydraulic engineering are also available. Key personnel are involved with MRI’s research and development, and every project receives top-level attention.


Elegantly simple and easy to maintain, MRI’s signature product, high-capacity inclined plate settlers, are loaded onto flat bed trucks and shipped to the jobsite.

MRI’s staff of 40+ employees consist of administrative personal, engineering and manufacturing

Made of Stainless Steel or Aluminum

All of the products built at MRI are from stainless steel or aluminum. No carbon steel is allowed in the facility to eliminate contamination. Manufacturing is highly automated utilizing computer-controlled machinery.

Thirty+ Years Experience

MRI products are sold through a network of sales representatives, who work in conjunction with our in-house sales staff. MRI has an exceptional, qualified staff available to share their knowledge in water and wastewater applications. Products are marketed worldwide.

To find a sales rep in your area, contact us.

MRI staff is available for presentations and pilot testing. For more information, contact us.

Quality Is Important at MRI

MRI maintains a reliable quality control process to ensure delivery of the highest quality plate settlers, tube settlers, sludge collectors, package systems, troughs and baffles and pilot plants.

All manufactured parts are checked for accuracy, and assemblies are pre-assembled to ensure fit. Shipments are photographed before leaving the MRI facility. All welding is performed by certified welders.

MRI’s Control Panel shop, located at the Golden headquarters, manufactures complete PLC-based control systems including hardware and programming. MRI partners with Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley in the design and manufacture of our systems. Additionally MRI is well-versed in other brands.

Excellent Service

MRI employs service personnel responsible for:

  • Equipment start-up
  • On-Site Training
  • Installation Inspection
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repairs

Explore MRI’s Solution for Your Water or Wastewater Project.

Call us at 303.279.8373 to discuss optimizing each stage of your treatment system, contact us, or initiate a project.

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