Meurer Research Introduces Plate Settlers for Wastewater

On-Site Studies Show System Removes Significantly More Solids in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Clarifiers

Meurer Research, Inc., an advanced water and wastewater treatment equipment company with more than 50 patents and thousands of installations, today announced U.S. availability of its high-capacity Inclined Plate Settlers specifically designed for wastewater applications.

MRI Wastewater Inclined Plate Settlers enable primary, secondary and tertiary clarifiers to remove more solids in less space. The space-saving design yields up to four times more settling area in existing basins and allows a smaller basin footprint in new construction, reducing treatment and construction costs while significantly lowering total suspended solids discharge.

MRI Wastewater Inclined Plate Settlers are proven through more than a decade of use in 90+ municipal and industrial applications throughout Asia and multiple U.S. tertiary clarifiers, including the 50 MGD installation for Denver Metro Northern Treatment Plant.

Similar approaches have been used in Europe and Asia for more than 60 years.

The U.S. introduction broadens the availability of this technology, giving U.S. wastewater facilities a proven method to meet increasingly stringent regulatory and cost-containment requirements and capacity demands.

“Wastewater plants are under pressure to treat more wastewater and produce higher quality effluent while reducing costs. Our sister company, Meurer Asia, has shown our wastewater plate settlers remove significantly more suspended solids. We’re pleased to introduce this proven technology to help U.S. wastewater facilities meet growing demand efficiently,” says Lonnie Meurer, President, MRI.

The system builds on the patented technology used in MRI’s flagship water treatment Inclined Plate Settlers used in thousands of water treatment installations.

On-site studies of the wastewater design show TSS discharge is significantly lower when MRI’s system is installed, with clarifier rates averaging <10 mg/L for secondary and <1 mg/L. for tertiary.

Optional covers for plate settlers and troughs control odors and eliminate algae growth. Low-maintenance MRI Hoseless Cable-VacTM Sludge Collectors remove solids in secondary and tertiary uses, and primary basin sludge removal is by circular scrapers or chain and flight.

Recently, MRI expanded its production facility and added the most advanced, high tech metal fabrication equipment available to its manufacturing process, increasing production capacity. The expansion is due

to strong demand for the company’s advanced proprietary water and wastewater treatment equipment.

Please visit Meurer Research, Inc. at WEFTEC 2015 Booth 4484.


Meurer Research, Inc. engineers and manufactures advanced water and wastewater treatment products to solve the complex issues facing treatment facilities worldwide. Founded in 1978, MRI has over 50 patents and more than 5,000 installations cleaning more than 3 billion gallons of water each day. MRI recently installed its 1,000th Hoseless Cable-VacTM Sludge Collector. The company designs, manufactures, installs, and offers after-market customer service for a range of products including Inclined Plate Settlers, Hoseless Cable-Vac™ and Ultra-Scraper Sludge Collectors, Flocculation Systems, Pilot Systems, and Package Systems for Water and Wastewater. MRI is headquartered in Golden, CO. Call 303.279.8431 or visit

MRI’s sister company, Meurer Asia, Inc., introduced plate settlers to Asian wastewater treatment in 2002. Currently, Meurer Asia has more than 90 installations of primary, secondary and tertiary clarification in municipal and industrial applications.


MRI Wastewater Inclined Plate Settlers removes significantly more solids
in this primary clarifier at Osan City WTTP, South Korea.




Secondary Wastewater TSS Removal with MRI Plate Settlers
Graph shows data from 15 secondary clarifier installations.
On average, 99% of total suspended solids removed from secondary effluent.





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