Meurer Research to Provide Tertiary Treatment Equipment in Denver


MRI Flocculators and High-Capacity Inclined Plate Settlers Slated for Delivery by Year-End

GOLDEN, COLO—May 1, 2014— Meurer Research, Inc., (MRI) an engineering and manufacturing company with over 50 patents and thousands of installations of advanced water and wastewater treatment equipment—is in the final stages of manufacturing its patented Inclined Plate Settlers and Vertical Paddle Wheel Flocculators to provide tertiary wastewater treatment for the new, Colorado-based Metro Wastewater Northern Treatment Plant (NTP).

The NTP is an advanced wastewater treatment facility being constructed in Brighton, Colorado to support community growth in the northern Denver metropolitan region. Expected to become operational in 2016, the plant is one of the most advanced in the western United States.

MRI’s custom installation will provide treatment in the four tertiary basins. Total design capacity is 51.4 MGD, with delivery expected by year-end. Custom-built to the specifications of site engineering firm CH2M Hill, MRI Inclined Plate Settlers and Flocculators are needed to remove phosphorus and provide high quality effluent that meets or exceeds the stringent standards needed to protect the South Platte River.

“This is a great opportunity to provide treatment equipment that is proven to achieve the phosphorus removal needed, particularly for a plant of this size,” said Joe Brauch, Vice President of Marketing /Sales. “We are pleased to work with CH2M Hill and the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District to produce environmentally suitable effluent.”

Chemical feed in the NTP’s tertiary phase will be alum and a polymer, which in conjunction with MRI Flocculators will bring phosphorus out of solution and into floc formulation that settles and can be easily removed.

High-Capacity Inclined Plate Settlers—created and patented 20 years ago by MRI—are in operation in a similar tertiary treatment phase at the Snake River Treatment Plant in Dillon, Colorado. At the Snake River Plant, MRI is experiencing a 90% phosphorus removal through the plate settlers prior to filtration.

Celebrating Over 3 Billion Gallons Treated Each Day/

After 36 years in operation, this year MRI is celebrating treating over 3 billion gallons of water a day, and the installation of their 1,000th Hoseless Sludge Collector.

The first installation of the current design of MRI Inclined Plate Settlers was at the City of Arvada, Colorado, Water Treatment Plant in 2001, which is still in operation today. Inclined Plate Settlers produce better effluent quality and reduce the footprint of a tertiary basin by as much as 80% over a conventional basin.

“We are pleased to mark 36 years as a company with these significant installation milestones. Going forward, we will continue to develop advanced water treatment solutions that satisfy increasingly stringent regulations, growing demand, and ongoing site constraints,” said Lonnie Meurer, President, MRI.

MRI installations range in capacity from hundreds of gallons-per-minute to hundreds of millions of gallons-per-day in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and Australia.

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About Meurer Research, Inc.

Meurer Research, Inc. engineers and manufactures advanced water and wastewater treatment products to solve the complex issues facing treatment facilities worldwide. Founded in 1978, MRI has over 50 patents and more than 5,000 installations. The company designs, manufactures, installs, and offers after-market customer service for a range of products including Inclined Plate Settlers, Hoseless Cable-Vac™ and Ultra-Scraper Sludge Collectors, Flocculation Systems™, MeurerMBR®, Pilot Systems, and Package Systems for Water and Wastewater. MRI is headquartered in Golden, CO. Call 303.279.8431 or visit


MRI High-Capacity Inclined Plate Settlers to be installed at Metro Wastewater Northern Treatment Plant. Pictured is the 80 MGD installation at Utah Valley Water Treatment Plant in Orem, UT, completed April, 2014.



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